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Parsley (Special Order)

Parsley (Special Order)

Parsley is credited with all kinds of benefits, including relaxation of smooth muscle tissue (especially important to asthmatics), maintaining good vision (it contains lutein and zeaxanthin), and promoting good circulation and heart health.  Micro Italian parsley is very small in size, averaging 5-7 centimeters in length, and has slender and flexible lime green stems with 2-3 leaflets attached at the end of each stem. The deeply lobed leaves have triangular, serrated edges and are bright green, flat, smooth, and thin. Micro Italian parsley is tender, crisp, and succulent with a fresh, grassy aroma. It has a green flavor mixed with tangy, floral notes with hints of nutmeg, citrus, clove, and is reminiscent of celery, lemon, and pepper.

  • Must Pre-Order

    Due to longer growing times, this item must be pre ordered with a two week lead time.

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